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Bury Cottages

Bury Cottages Clavering Essex

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Old Police Station Lyme Regis Dorset

Pleased to report it is still there we got a tour by the current tenant whilst searching for our football. Mum got to go in the old cell.

Emily Davis , 20 August 2014

Kinnaird House Falkirk Falkirk

extract from www.kinnairdhouse.co.uk Architectural details of Kinnaird House The House features a prominent port cochere beneath a battlemented tower in the centre of the entrance (west) front. The ground floor has a drawing room, library and lounge along the south facade, with an east-facing dining room and a billiard room in the [...]

B Russell, 20 August 2014

Kingsmoor House Harlow Essex

Dear Violet and Miaad Thank you for placing your comments on this site, regarding Kingmoor House in Harlow Essex, England. If you read this, would you email me on: cnorts@optusnet.com.au as I would love to communicate with you both and I can send you a photo of me as a 10year old [...]

Barnaby Colin Naughton, 20 August 2014

Thatches Ashen Essex

My name is John Hyett and I am the joint owner with my wife of the listed property known as Thatches. The date of my property is circa 1450 not 1540 as stated in the first comment. I am unable to comment on the beauty or otherwise of my garden [...]

, 18 August 2014

Barn to South West of Half Yard Farmhouse Barcombe East Sussex

As an addendum to my previous comments regarding Half Yard Barn, Barcombe, East Sussex. Hapless developer Stephen Moffett has surpassed himself with Barcome's once-charming Half Yard Barn. Three and a half years on and he has still not finished. His haphazard development has been a litany of disasters, badly judged changes [...]

David Carter, 18 August 2014

Thatches Ashen Essex

Clearly the TRUE writer of the above comment is not as the ridiculous name shown, their own true identity can be traced electronically. We have taken necessary action regarding that this abusive comment. Obviously the above comment does not adhere to the rule of this website - 'Please write in normal, [...]

C.J Hyett, 18 August 2014

War Memorial Opposite the Church of St Giles Chollerton Northumberland

What I found interesting was the inclusion on the memorial of a Police Constable, Robert Telford. Telford was fatally injured when he was caught in an explosion caused by a German Air Ship bomb,15 June 1915, he was aged 22. This from the Hexham Courant @]http://www.hexhamcourant.co.uk/2.2961/features/hundreds-of-north-tyne-lads-never-came-back-from-war-1.896866 Men died on the Home Front [...]

Steve Ellwood, 17 August 2014

Repton Manor (Templar Barracks) Ashford Kent

We had one hell of a good bar out back for many an all night de-brief- the Gettour Inn! 5 of the best years of my life spent there!

SIW Instructor, 16 August 2014

43 and 45, Darley Street (See Details for Further Address Information) Bradford Bradford

On the building wall is embossed with three years carved inside three garlands. The dates are 1875, 1832 and 1875. It seems then that the central part of the building on the corner was completed in 1832 and the building extended both along Godwin Street and Darley Street in 1875 - [...]

John Yeadon, 15 August 2014

Westbury Manor Farmhouse Marsh Gibbon Buckinghamshire

I am originally from Water Mill, NY which was settled by Edward Howell in 1640 just after leaving the Manor. I descended from Edward through both my father and mother but my surname is actually from Richard Howell of Southold. The Manor House, Marsh Gibbon Westbury Manor dates from the [...]

William D Howell Sr, 14 August 2014

Grove Hotel and Grove Parade Buxton Derbyshire

Closed as an hotel in 2012.

Andrew Law, 13 August 2014

Bell Farm Park House and Club Minster-on-Sea Kent

Just to let you know go the site www.pbase.com/luckytrev/root and go to tree view and go to minister, more photo of bell farm.

Bob Smith, 11 August 2014

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