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Queens Hotel, Imperial Square, Cheltenham

Queens Hotel Cheltenham Gloucestershire

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Church of St James Curry Mallet Somerset

The incumbent tells me that the church is now known as All Saints.

Mike Berrell, 27 July 2014

Dumpton Farmhouse Broadstairs and St Peters Kent

My Mum, Dad & Nan and I stayed at Dumpton Farmhouse for 2 years 1958/9, ... Mr Adam Zakrazewski?...had the house. He kept a goat in the cellar at night and gave us a torch to go down to put money in the gas meter. The gentleman had family behind [...]

Pauline Trusler, 27 July 2014

Bell Farm Park House and Club Minster-on-Sea Kent

My mum and dad took over my Aunty's caravan in the early 60s. We used to go all the way down to the bottom of Bell Farm Lane, hook a right into Bell farm and swing left past the shop and club house. I remember a big hollowed [...]

Malc Farmer, 26 July 2014

Robin Hood and Little John Stones Castor Peterborough

Would really be helpful for a detailed location - these 2 stones hid from us for 2 hours of looking and we gave up !

Rob Rusell, 25 July 2014

36, Crooms Hill Se10 (See Details for Further Address Information) Greenwich Greater London

I found an old postcard with a photo on it of a "Charlie Mowdon” (not 100% on the spelling) who was writing to my father when he was a boy and lived near Perth, Western Australia. I know dad lived in Perth in the early 1900’s. [...]

Zelda Petherick, 25 July 2014

32 and 33, New Park Street Devizes Wiltshire

32 New Park Street was owned by my grandmother from the 1940s. She and her daughter and son moved in to the property in the autumn of 1950. Her son later married and moved out. Following my grandmother's death, the property passed to her daughter who lived [...]

Chris Henley, 24 July 2014

Dobsons Yard Elland Calderdale

I have uploaded a couple of photo's of Dobson's Yard as you can see they do not match the text listing which appears to be of the rear of the Rose and Crown next door of which there is no entry

stan walker, 24 July 2014

Harton Manor Eaton-under-Heywood Shropshire

My Great Grandfather purchased Harton Manor in 1922. He was a farmer born in Yockleton. He, his wife and his family lived here for approx 8 years. I have visited here in the 80's. I know there is a well in the front of the property. Interestingly enough the name [...]

Andrea, 24 July 2014

Peel Hall Including Stable Quadrangle Little Hulton Salford

Sorry I cant help with that, these links may give you a lead. http://hultonhistory.btck.co.uk/Abriefhistory/Halls http://www.mortfamily.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=43&Itemid=27

Barrie Price, 23 July 2014

Peel Hall Including Stable Quadrangle Little Hulton Salford

Did the Hewitt family ever reside there at Peel Hall. Barrie do you know anything further about the Hewitts (believe you took a photo of the tomb in St Pauls peel churchyard) I did a painting in art class late 60's of Peel Hall - which I hadnt thrown it [...]

jue, 22 July 2014

Craig y Mor Trearddur Isle of Anglesey

For more information go to www.craigymor.com

anonymous , 22 July 2014

Peel Hall Including Stable Quadrangle Little Hulton Salford

Peel Hall was demolished some years ago. A nursing home now stands on the site.

Barrie Price, 21 July 2014

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