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Seven Stones

Seven Stones House, Including Attached Garages, Workshops and Garden House, Boundary and Garden Wall Broadstairs and St Peters Kent

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Whistley Pump and Single Span Bridge to Immediately to the South Potterne Wiltshire

The date is faint, but get the right light and it becomes clearer.

Tony, 26 November 2014

210, High Street Tonbridge Kent

no longer there

Jerry, 25 November 2014

Forston House and Attached Terrace Walls to West Charminster Dorset

I was told by my deceased father that I was direct descendant of Lord Forston, and I would love to have any history available.

Ronald Avery Forston, 24 November 2014

West Riddlesden Hall Keighley Bradford

Small point. The location is Scott Lane, Riddlesden, NOT Queensbury.

Richard Law, 23 November 2014

Denne Hill Womenswold Kent

Col Dyson was a great-great-uncle of ours. Our Great-Grandfather inherited the estate as youngest son when Col Dyson died. Family oral history says that Francis Dyson, who was also vicar of Womenswold, sold the estate when he thought that none of his sons (our Grandfather being the eldest) would survive [...]

Mandy Hobden, 21 November 2014

Netherton Nursing Home Weymouth Dorset

netherton house is no longer a nursing home it has been converted into 5 flats since 1998 there been alot of revamping but we have managed to keep all the orginal features,upon the restructuer we found that the building instead of dating to the 1700's actually some parts date [...]

ian fries, 21 November 2014

Lower Farmhouse Dunstall Staffordshire

Hello. I have been researching the Jackson family of Tatenhill and Dunstall. If my findings are correct, the Jackson family farmed the Lower Farm and Old Hall Farm from about 1735 to well into the 20th century. I understand that they owned about 200 acres at Lower Farm and were [...]

Bernard S Jackson, 20 November 2014

Craig Convalescent Home for Children Morecambe Lancashire

Jesus this place was the pitts,me and my brother went here in the late 60s / very early 70s. iam sure while we were there les dawsons son was there ! we actually planned a break out it was like colditz for the under 16s. one thing I remember is [...]

Karl Lehmann, 18 November 2014

Bridgwater House Bath Bath and North East Somerset

Hi, I'm doing a project on the history of Bridgewater house, 2 Terrace Walk Bath. I've got some conflicting evidence. Your site says " For many years it was well known as The Parade Coffee House, and as such was a building of considerable social prominence, located on this busy and [...]

Holly M-W, 15 November 2014

The Cottage at Chalfont Park Chalfont St Peter Buckinghamshire

Currently used by Buttercups Day Nursery, they also use the gardener's cottage as well.

Charles Smith, 15 November 2014

Elm House Bletchingley Surrey

My Grandfather Darrel Collier lived in this house from 1906 until 1913. The family were furniture makers in Buckinghamshire so maybe the Arts and Crafts workmanship had something to do with them, especially his brother Archie Collier who was a talented wood carver.

, 14 November 2014

Central Police Station, Magistrates Court and Fire Station Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle upon Tyne

The Police presence closes at midnight on 16th November 2014 and the building will then be placed for sale. The Fire Service relocated from Pilgrim Street a long while ago. Magistrates continue to sit at Pilgrim Street so at least part of the building is occupied.

Steve Ellwood, 14 November 2014

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