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Ditton Place from the front

Ditton Place Including Attached Terrace Wall and Sandstone Wall to West Ansty and Staplefield West Sussex

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Woolwich Equitable Building Society Newport Isle of Wight

Woolwich Equitable Building Society closed early 2000's - phones-4-u shop upto 2014

Antony Barton, 15 October 2014

Gartincaber House Doune Stirling

Hi, From researching my family tree I have discovered that my GGG Grandmother Grace/Grizel Shirra (from Perthshire) and her husband James Bell (from Kippen, Sterlingshire) were tenant farmers at Mackeanston Farm which was part of the Gartincaber estate. They are noted in the 1841 census as farming 105 acres and [...]

Jennifer Gilpin, 14 October 2014

Church Hall East Farleigh Kent

The building has been privately owned since November 2011. We are running the lower floor as a community hall. Upper floor has permission to convert to residential. The two storey tower at the rear was demolished many years ago.

Amanda Howard and Gary Hindley, 12 October 2014

Garden Walls at Tory Farm Stithians Cornwall

My Mother's HEARLE family occupied this farmhouse from about 1800 to mid 1960s. I have now been able to identify the three children in the photograph which I posted on this web-site a while ago. They are Lizzie, Amy Jane and Howard Hearle and judging by their rough ages [...]

Peter Richards, 9 October 2014

Nottingham Castle Middle Bridge Adjoining Archway and Porter's Lodge Nottingham Nottingham

The bronze statue of Robin Hood outside the underground porters lodge used to stand outside the castle walls, in Castle Road.

Andrew H Jackson, 8 October 2014

Moorfield Baildon Bradford

Did this house used to be a maternity home around 1945/46

Frederick Pashley, 8 October 2014

Elm Cottage Lymington and Pennington Hampshire

Earliest records currently held(1827) show the cottage was owned by the Lord Mayor of Lymington and rented it to a family, who also rented adjacent cottages. In 1883 the property was bought by a local fish seller. In 1908 the cottage was bought at auction by Colonel Henry Rooke and renamed Elm [...]

Mr S.Clayton-Smith, 8 October 2014

7, Bishopgate Howden East Riding of Yorkshire

This house, like most of the others in the street, has seen several internal changes over the last 50 years or so. The front door, for instance, currently opens into a room that was formed by the removal of a dividing wall between the entrance corridor and a very small [...]

Anthony Howe, 7 October 2014

Shanklin Pier Shanklin Isle of Wight

I'm curious to know how the date of this building's listing is given as 1992 when it was destroyed following the great storm of 1987. Do listings remain in force when buildings no longer exist?

Paul Coueslant, 7 October 2014

Alston Arches Viaduct Haltwhistle Northumberland

Opened in July 2006 as a footpath open to the public.

Steve Ellwood, 7 October 2014

17 West Terrace, Rosebery Memorial Hall Queensferry City of Edinburgh

The clock tower in the photos is part of the tolbooth - see http://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/sc-40411-west-terrace-tolbooth-

, 6 October 2014

Everton School Westerfield House Ipswich Suffolk

1988 I visited the London School Of Foreign Trade and we had an internate course at Westerfield House. when I arrived I saw a Swedish flag there and realized that the Swedish footballteam have had their camp there when they met England at Wembley. actually they won with 2-1. [...]

swede, 6 October 2014

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