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Needham Market Railway Station

Railway Station Needham Market Suffolk

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The Old Manor and Attached Garden Wall Norbury and Roston Derbyshire

Hello there, I just wanted to applaud your image of The Old Manor, Norbury. I have a non-profit travel blog, and wondered whether I'd be able to use the image to commend it as a must see attraction. It seems to be the only available image that does it justice. Many thanks, Alex

Alexander Barty, 23 March 2015

Tre Beirdd, Alun School Road Mold Flintshire

Tre Beirdd was farmed for many years by Mr and Mrs Jones, and their son Philip took it over when they passed away.

Gary Rowland, 23 March 2015

Church of St Mary Sevington Kent

This beautiful ancient church is currently set among farmland and provides an oasis of peace. A planning application to build enormous warehouses which will obliterate the farmland is currently being considered. The chance of the application being overturned is small as this project is huge and funded by major corporations. [...]

Carol Price, 22 March 2015

1-9 New Street Menai Bridge Isle of Anglesey

Some of the houses further down the street below number 7 have lost their sash cord windows and have had plastic-none sash cord windows -installed now. The envelope scheme took away a lot of the original features around the back of this terrace including virtually all the chimneys except one at number 7.

gordon Mcleod, 21 March 2015

Gerrards Farmhouse Fovant Wiltshire

Hi I would to find out if there any pictures of Gerrads farm at all My mother and her family lived there around the war years her parents name are Ida and Richard Davies my mum was born on the14th of May 1923 she was one of seven [...]

Helen ellis, 21 March 2015

70, 72 and 74 Montague Street Rothesay Argyll and Bute

My gt gt grandmother Isabella Stewart nee Crawford (b1794)was living at 72 Montague St from the time of the 1871 census until her decease in Jan 1874. She was the widow of Charles Stewart farmer of Upper Ardroscadale (listed on Canmore).Her grandson Charles Stewart McQueen, age 25,a clerk in the [...]

Lesley Treweek New Zealand, 20 March 2015

Stables at Llwynau-bach Lodge Hotel Gwernyfed Powys

I have been doing some ancestry research into my family and discovered that a Great Great Grandfather lived at 'The Wharf' Glasbury in the 1850s. I have since discovered that the stations were called 'wharves' when the tramway was running. He was a blacksmith ... Benjamin Price...and after reading about [...]

Sue Tinson, 18 March 2015

Ty Isa, Cefn (Outlying) Cilcain Flintshire

Actually called TY ISAF, I was born there 1946 and lived there until 1965. I have an original OS map from 1830 and it is so named on it. It was more or less as built while we were there, but has been extensively altered since then. I will look up [...]

Rhod Lloyd, 18 March 2015

Bank House Fountain and Statues of Orpheus and Eurydice in Front Garden of Bank House Blackburn Blackburn with Darwen

During the 1960's my Grandmother (Ivy Webber) of Deal St, Bastwell worked for the then owner of the house (Peggy Wilson) a caual cleaner. She would attend Bank House two days during the week the other three days at Peggy's school of dance / ballet in the town centre. [...]

Howard Walker, 16 March 2015

Victoria Road, Former Scottish Linoleum Works, South Factory Kirkcaldy Fife

This building has now been demolished.

Terry Gilley, 16 March 2015

Easby House Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire

I don't know what the house was called before 1950 but it was named "Easby House" because the clerk of Henley RDC was Thomas Louis Easby. He retired in 1953 and was later Mayor of Henley and then from 1967-1970 chairman of Oxfordshire County Council. David Easby (his grandson)

David Easby, 14 March 2015

9, Lower Corfton Diddlebury Shropshire

Felling date of timbers used in construction of oldest part of cottage (to right of front porch)confirmed as 1563/4 by Dr A Moir of Tree-Ring Services, Hungerford, Berkshire in March 2010. Samples taken from later extension (to left of porch) did not yield a felling date, but style of [...]

Dr J C Kirk, 14 March 2015

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