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Church Walk, Stowmarket

18-26, Church Walk Stowmarket Suffolk

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Bank House Uttoxeter Staffordshire

Sorry the information I've just sent you was for Bank House, Dove Bank and not for Bank House, Church Street.

Jim Foley, 1 September 2014

Queen Victoria Statue and Drinking Fountain Opposite No 98 Maidstone Kent

The statue of Queen Victoria is not seated but standing.

J.J. Myers, 1 September 2014

Havelock Mills 72-76 Manchester Manchester

demolished http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havelock_Mills

Jerry, 31 August 2014

Former Cotton Mill on East Side of Junction with Cambridge Street Manchester Manchester

I think the marker is in the wrong place and am slightly confused which mill this is...

, 31 August 2014

Woodhouse Farmhouse Old Bolsover Derbyshire

Woodhouse Farm was built by the then Duke of Devonshire. Records relating to the house were sent to London for storage. Unfortunately the records were destroyed in the blitz. The house has been traced back to possibly 1760 or thereabouts.

dian gillies, 31 August 2014

Tombstone of Micah Salt in Buxton Cemetrey, Tomb Number 2798 Buxton Derbyshire

My grandmother Eileen Salt is currently tracing back her roots and we have happened to come across Micah and many more members of the family who are buried in Buxton. Although my grandmother is from Buxton and lived there for many years she doesn't have allot of information about her [...]

Matthew Daniel Williams, 31 August 2014

Streatham Tower Liverpool Liverpool

The building is incorrectly titled, it should read Streatlam Tower. This was the residence of James Lord Bowes, in 1888 he became the first foreign born Imperial Japanese Consulate in Great Britain. It also housed in Victorian Liverpool the first Japanese Art Museum outside of Japan

David Owens, 30 August 2014

32 Court Street Royal Bank of Scotland Haddington East Lothian

I think that there are errors relating top the listings for the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Bank of Scotland buildings in Haddington. The RBS building has 3 stories, but is listed as having 2, while the converse is true of the BOS building!

Bryan Attewell, 30 August 2014

35, High Street Marlow Buckinghamshire

3 storeys, not 5

Jerry, 29 August 2014

35, High Street Marlow Buckinghamshire

3 storeys, not 5

Jerry, 29 August 2014

66, Chapel Street Marlow Buckinghamshire

suspect this has been rebuilt as it doesn't match the listing

Jerry, 28 August 2014

Stoke Hall Grindleford Derbyshire

My Great grandmother x 8, Elizabeth Welles (later Froggatt,) lived at Stoke Hall 1618 to 1629. There is documentary evidence in various Record Offices that there was a Hall on this site for more than a hundred years before the present hall was built. I have a copy of the 1626 [...]

J.Nicholas, 27 August 2014

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