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All Saints, West Markham

Church of All Saints West Markham Nottinghamshire

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Peel Hall Including Stable Quadrangle Little Hulton Salford

Peel Hall was demolished some years ago. A nursing home now stands on the site.

Barrie Price, 21 July 2014

117, Union Street Oldham Oldham

Formerly the surgery and home of Dr Thomas John Carson 1849-1916 ex mayor (1905-6) of Oldham.

Mike Newman, 20 July 2014

Trafalgar Quarters Greenwich Greater London

The pediment on Trafalgar Quarters is Coade stone, rather than natural stone as the current listing implies. Croggon's Order Book for 1814 has an entry for the 'Governors of Greenwich Hospital for Mr Yenn [Surveyor of the Hospital] Arms of the Hospital with Palms and Laurel, 150 guineas.' The design [...]

Caroline Stanford, 19 July 2014

Parkers Nayland-with-Wissington Suffolk

The Post code is CO6 4HX

Andrew Gowen, 18 July 2014

Royal Navy Detention Quarters (Building Number 2/44) Portsmouth Portsmouth

I had the pleasure of spending a short term in Portsmouth DQs in late 1961 for AWOL. I was known as Anson 28. I remember having to sew this info into all the items of my kit. In fact I walked about with my number, A28, embroided into the back [...]

Rudolf Fletcher, 18 July 2014

Chippinghurst Manor House and Attached Garden Walls Cuddesdon and Denton Oxfordshire

I was born in Chippinghurst Manor in January 1945. Mum had been evacuated from London for my birth. She said that when I was born there were deep drifts of snow everywhere. She said I was born in the gun room. I visited Chippinghurst Manor [...]

Margaret Stevenson, 16 July 2014

Ladyfield East House and Gatepiers Dumfries Dumfries and Galloway

I was also a resident in 2000/2001. I can safely say I would not be half the person I am todsy eitjout the help and support from the staff and doctors. I was there when dr Powell was in chargehe was an amazing man who helped me no [...]

Christine , 16 July 2014

Thornyland Quaker Meeting House and Attached Stable Solport Cumbria

There is also a burial ground associated with this building. I have a copy of a Quaker certificate dated 31 May 1808 giving John Little permission to bury his grandfather, James Watson, at Thornyland. It states that he did this on 3 June 1808. Source: Births, Deaths and Marriages - Society [...]

Geoffrey Barber, 16 July 2014

14 King's Gate, King's Lodge, Including Gatepiers, and Boundary Walls Aberdeen Aberdeen

1881 Census – John Rae Smith with 15 rooms with one or more windows 1891 Census – John R Smith with 12 rooms with one or more windows 1895 Valuation Roll – John Rae Smith, Proprietor and Occupier – value of property = £80 (John Rae Smith and family moved from [...]

nikon, 15 July 2014

Church of St Anne Saddleworth Oldham

Thank you for your comments. Your research led you along the same tracks as me. Miesonnier/ Capronnier signatures in glass would be easy to mistake. I think that it would be necessary to take a ladder and examine the window for such a signature. I can't find one on the [...]

Diana Terry, 14 July 2014

Castle Chare Community Arts Centre Durham Durham

Castle Chare Community Arts Centre closed in the mid 1990s and was converted into apartments. The plasterwork mentioned in the listing is now in one of these: I won't give the exact address since it's a private residence, but the group of apartments is called St Anne's Court. The reference to [...]

Roger Cornwell, 14 July 2014

Kirkandrews Old Church and Churchyard Borgue Dumfries and Galloway

rebuilt in 2000s. Now has trustees looking after it.

Nick, 13 July 2014

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