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Penmaenpool Bridge

Penmaenpool Bridge,a493 (Nw.side) Dolgellau Gwynedd

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Packhorse Bridge at Sd 884 362 Nelson Lancashire

This ancient pack horse which straddles Catlow brook, was rebuilt around 1910 and sides were added for safety. Just how old it is, is unknown but considering that there was a Roman road connecting Castercliffe camp nearby then who knows.

Dave Ormerod, 14 December 2014

Church of St Thomas Golborne Wigan

Unfortunately Golborne is listed as Pemberton and anyone who knows the area of Golborne knows that Pemberton is at least 9 or 10 miles away. The church is a beautiful building built in the 1800s.

Lewis Knight, 11 December 2014

Beverley Wickham Hampshire

I moved to the Wickham area (Shedfield) in 1978 without knowing that I was born there (birth cert. states Droxford) until my mother pointed it out one day when passing. I was born in Beverly House on the 2nd August 1943. I actually played melodeon at a Beverly House fete [...]

Allen Joslin, 11 December 2014

12 Main Road Castlehead the Mound Paisley Renfrewshire

Built c.1869 for Hugh Muir, Paisley. Possibly designed by John Hutchison early in his career. Largely extended (East Wing) in 1890 to the designs of John Hutchison, for James Murray, Starch Manufacturer, Paisley. Large botanical greenhouses, designed by James Boyd & Sons also built nearby for James Murray - Now [...]

Cameron Swanson, 10 December 2014

27, Blyth Road Maltby Rotherham

Why if this is a listed building is nobody accountable for keeping it at a standard instead of letting in fall into such a state ? It is really looking sad and forlorn.

shaz biggin, 10 December 2014

Dark Wood Farmhouse Slaithwaite Kirklees

It is Not in Meltham it is in West Slaithwaite.Postcose is HD7 5XA I should know as I live in the next property to it and have done for 30 years. Please just alter your location and postcode

Melanie Roberts, 10 December 2014

Dark Wood Cottage Slaithwaite Kirklees

It is Not in Meltham it is in West Slaithwaite.Postcose is HD7 5XA I should know as I live in the next property to it and have done for 30 years.

, 10 December 2014

186-190, Nutfield Road Merstham Surrey

I was born in 190 Nutfield Road in 1941 the second to youngest child of the Terry family,who had lived here for some time. I can remember that there was a large wooden beam upstairs that held the front and rear walls together at about four feet from the floor,my [...]

Paul Terry, 9 December 2014

Bretby Hall Bretby Derbyshire

well,,,my dad was one of the first people to have a spinal op there wen i was very young,and i visited him there,,,years later in life i was working for a second hand shop that got the job to clear the place out,as it was bieng sold to someone that [...]

lee newbold, 8 December 2014

Wandsworth Garage Bus Depot (London Transport Executive) Wandsworth Greater London

I have fond memories of working here about 1981-2 as a conductor on the No.28 Routemaster, fabulous canteen, great snooker table. happy memories

peter lough, 8 December 2014

14,15, Howgill Street Whitehaven Cumbria

Extract from condition survey undertaken 30 October 2014 3.0 DESCRIPTION OF BUILDING AND EXTERNAL AREAS INTRODUCTION 3.1 14, 15 Howgill Street is believed to have been constructed in 1736; it is a Listed as Grade building 2 by English Heritage (Building ID: 75970) building - 1. 1814 Nos 14 and 15 (Formerly [...]

Chris Lloyd, 8 December 2014

Church of All Souls Bolton Bolton

In December 2014 it http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-30337560

Mike Berrell, 8 December 2014

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