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Errors and Corrections

While we welcome your input to help make this website better for users, there are a few things that we're not going to change so there's not much point emailing to tell us about them! In particular, please don't send email about these issues:

  1. Spelling mistakes, typos and other errors in the statutory listing text for any building (that's the building name, plus the text in the box under the "Listing Text" tab). This information comes from the original records kept by English Heritage, Historic Scotland and Cadw, and is what was recorded at the time that the building was placed on the register. As a matter of policy, this website doesn't edit or amend any of the statutory listing text, so any errors found in the original records will be displayed here as well.

    Of course, you're always welcome to submit a user comment explaining what's wrong with the listing. That's often more interesting than correcting it, anyway!

  2. Incorrect geographic coordinates, addresses and postcodes. There's a form on the building pages to submit this information, so please use that rather than sending an email.

  3. Errors in the maps (either Google, OS or Bing maps). Unless the problem is that the map marker is in the wrong place (in which case, see above for latitude/longitude errors), there's no point telling us about errors in the maps as they are entirely beyond our control. In particular, the more detailed scale OS maps are often quite out of date as they don't get revised very frequently. Equally, the Google/Bing aerial views and Google Streetview will only be as up to date as the most recent set of photos, which may be several years ago in some cases.

  4. Photographs of your house that you don't want to be displayed. Again, as a matter of policy, we will not remove photos on request unless they either breach our listing guidelines, infringe someone else's copyright or are simply wrong (and if any of those apply, then please see below). There are no privacy implications in taking photos of property visible from a public place, and no element of UK law gives a property owner the right to restrict such photography.

Photographs: Copyright, Misattribution and Infringement of Privacy Guidelines

This site allows users to upload their own photographs of listed buildngs. We are not in a position to check each submitted photo to ensure that it is actually of the building it purports to be, or that the submitter has the authority to publish it on this site. So it is possible that photographs may be displayed which are either incorrectly described or in breach of the creator's copyright. We welcome corrections of either of these, but would ask that you follow these simple guidelines when doing so:

  • Incorrectly described or misattributed photographs. Please provide the full URL to the page where the photo is displayed, a description of the image that is wrong and an explanation of why you believe it to be incorrect.

  • Photographs which breach our listing guidelines. Our guidelines stipulate that all photos must either have been taken from a public place or with the permission of the occupants. We also require that, unless permission has been given, photos do not include recognisable individuals or images of private areas such as the interior of residential buildings. If you see a photo which breaches these guidelines, then please provide the full URL to the page where the photo is displayed, a description of the image and an explanation of why you you would like it removed.

  • Infringement of Copyright. If you are the rights holder, or the appointed agent of a the rights holder, of a photo that has been submitted to this site without permission then please provide the following information:

    • The full URL of the page where the image is displayed
    • A description of the image sufficient to unambiguously identify it, or the full URL of the image itself (this can be obtained by right-clicking on the image and selecting "show image in a new tab" on most modern browsers)
    • Full contact details of the rights holder (including postal address and email)
    • If you are acting as an agent for the rights holder, your own full contact details
    • A statement that you are the rights holder, or are acting on the authorisation of the rights holder, and that you have good faith belief that the photograph identified above is being displayed without authorisation.
    Note to US-based rightsholders and agents: is owned by a UK-based individual and hosted in the UK, and hence the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is not applicable. The relevent legislation is the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, and we would recommend that you take some time to study that if you are not already familiar with it. However, for the sake of convenience, we will accept infringement notifications which would be acceptable under the DMCA.

    Copyright infringement notices should be sent to copyright {at}

  • Editing your own photographs. If you have mistakently uploaded a photo to the wrong place, or with some other error (such as an incorrect caption), you can fix it yourself. See the login help page for more information.