British Listed Buildings

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Important Information

Viewing and Visiting Listed Buildings

The majority of listed buildings are privately owned and occupied and are not open to the public. The presence of an entry on this website in no way implies that access will be possible for visitors. Most privately owned listed buildings can be viewed from the adjacent street or are on publicly accessible land, but many are not.

Please respect the rights of property owners and tenants if you want to view any listed building. In particular, please do not attempt to gain access to private property in order to view a building unless you have explicit permission to do so, and please do not pester residents of buildings in order to try and get permision!

Photographing Listed Buildings

Part of the reason for this website is to allow people to submit their own photos of listed buildings. However, it's important that any photos published here are taken in accordance with both the law and respect for building occupants.

As far as the law is concerned, you do not need permission to take photos of any building, provided you do so from a public place. There are a few exceptions to this, mainly where the subject of the photo is a military establishment or other protected location, but the vast majority of listed buildings can be freely photographed without permission provided that you don't trespass on private property to do so. However, just because something is legal doesn't always it desirable, and therefore we ask you to follow these simple guidelines when photographing listed buildings:

  • Make sure that you only take photos from a public place, or somewhere you have permission to be.
  • Don't take photos that include people on private premises not open to the public. Public crowd scenes (eg, in a street which includes a listed building, or in a building which is open to tbe public) are OK, but not private property owners, residents or visitors.
  • Don't take photos that include the interior of any building not open to the public (eg, through an open door or window).

Obviously, if you have permission to be on the premises, or it's a building that you own or occupy, then you can ignore these guidelines. And we do encourage building occupants to submit photos of their own property, particularly aspects which are not normally visible to the public. But if you're photographing someone else's property then it's important not to go beyond these guidelines without explicit permission.

Owners of Listed Buildings

You should not rely on the information on this website as a definitive guide to the status of any building. With nearly half a million entries, there are bound to be some errors (some of which are our fault and some of which are there because the underlying data is wrong!). In particular, the absence of a building from this website cannot be taken as proof that it is not listed. You could be at risk of legal action if you carry out unauthorised work to a listed building, so if you have any reason to believe that a building may be listed, whether or not it is included here, you should contact your local authority for advice.

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